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Orthopedic /Clinical Massage -  Focuses on treating painful conditions which affect the soft tissues of the body. A range of techniques may be integrated to treat these conditions, considering the bio-individuality of the client. This type of massage may be recommended by a physician who wants a patient to pursue multiple treatment modalities, and people can also seek orthopedic massage independently.

The focus is generally on problems with the musculoskeletal system. Common treatment includes the release of tight muscles, help to stretch shortened muscles and tendons, and decompress joints. The goal is to normalize the soft tissues of the body, both to treat specific conditions and to facilitate general healthy and function. Because this type of massage is designed to treat medical conditions, it requires extensive training, as an unskilled therapist could harm a client by accident.

Sports Massage - A more individulized therapy geared towards the athlete and their specific training.  Also used for pain and injury using a specific application of  techniques, hydrotherapy protocols, range of motion/flexibility protocol and strength-training principles utilized to achieve a specific goal when treating an athlete. 

Kinesio Taping -  Kinesio tape is used to facilitate the body's natural healing process while allowing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting range of motion.  Candidates for Kinesio Tape include; injuries, surgery recovery, scar treatment, and pain management.

Infrared Sauna -  An effective tool for natural healing and prevention.  Infrared light penetrates the tissue which creates an endless list of benefits including;  detoxification, anti-aging/skin purification, pain relief, relaxation, cell health, improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, weight loss and accelerated wound healing.  This treatment is indicated for just about anyone.

Ionic Foot Detox  Purifies and cleanses the body through the healing power of ions.  Ions because of their charge are chemically reactive and create powerful changes. Indicated symptoms for the ionic detox;  headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, arthritis, heart problems, cancer, digestive disorders, allergies, anxiety, poor skin, obesity, cellulite.

Vibration Plate Therapy -   Whole body vibration is used for many purposes.  It simulates a high level of exercise with no impact. Expected time is usually 15-20 minutes 

Ultimate Detox Package - Boost your immune system and increase energy and health seasonally with this ultimate detox package.  You start with an ionic foot detox.  Next is the infrared sauna session to increase the body temperature and stimulate the cellular activity.  From there we will do a full body brushing to remove dead skin and open the pores for better elimination.  This is followed by a full body massage to stimulate the lymphatic system and help flush out toxins from the muscle.  You will then begin the detox body wrap, where a detoxifying paste is rubbed on the skin and then you will be snuggly wrapped in a relaxing warmth until the body temperature is prime for complete detoxification.  The session is then followed by vibrational plate therapy and then by a second ionic foot detox to see the final results.  Please do not eat a heavy meal within 2 hours of treatment.  This package will take 4 hours.