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What is health coaching

Learn to overcome food addictions and take control over eating.


It has been shown that permanent change will take several months to secure.  For this reason, we have developed a 6-month program to change lives.

  Our programs are not designed for quick weight loss but for longterm health and nutrition changes.  Statistically, weight that is lost quickly is not only unhealthy but it is also gained back very quickly once the diet it over.  

  Our goal with health coaching is to help you stop the diet roller coaster.  No more losing weight and then gaining even more back.  The point is to learn how to live healthy again so that a healthy weight is an everyday thing, not a struggle or challenge anymore.  Those of us who suffer from food addictions and loss of control over eating, know that it is about so much more than going on a diet, it's about regaining control over our own health and bodies.  This process takes time and is more complicated than just going on a diet. We all have a slender, healthy and toned body inside of us, we just need the right tools to bring it out for good.  We schedule appointments in our Lakewood and Peru locations as well as Skype sessions for those not able to make it into the office.

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Available in both Peru and Lakewood - We will explore 12 different aspects of life and determine where you're "road blocks" are and how to work past the issues that are really causing your battles with food.  

    - Start a 28 day detoxification diet that will introduce you to  and  leave you loving clean healthy food.